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Starring John Altman (was Nasty Nick aka, Nick Cotton from EastEnders), who plays Alan Godwin, ex-Detective Inspector for the Met Police.

Greenborne is an English village on the very edge of a larger conurbation: just one slim Green Belt violation away from being absorbed into the urban sprawl. For now, it clings on to its distinctive identity, aided by a local Community Radio Station, an active Church and a handful of local businesses, including a major warehouse/distribution centre for an Amazon-like global online store. Like a thousand other similar communities that can be found the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, GREENBORNE is slowly finding its way through the nightmare of Covid-19. Unlike current TV soaps, it is set in the future, and thus our stories begin in the late summer of 2021, as the entire world adjusts to a new normal.

Bedford Radio is one of 50 Community Radio stations broadcasting this new radio drama.

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