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Who we are

Local Radio is a powerful means of creating a collective sense of purpose. It provides a platform on which all those who need it can make their voices heard.

Bedford Radio is unique in that it is community-focused and designed to serve as a hub which will provide training and ongoing support to groups within the community, developing skillsets in

individuals within those groups, and facilitating engagement with a diverse local audience.

What we do

Bedford Radio is geared to helping communities within the area have a voice on the issues that matter to them, and engage with other local groups. Our ethical code is based on honesty, openness and balance. We want to make ourselves the local radio station of choice for the whole of Bedford, regardless of age, culture, ethnic background, religion or class. 

Bedford has a wealth of cultural events, community organisations, and commercial enterprises, all of which make the town a great place in which to live and work. Bedford Radio is already establishing itself within the area and hopes to play a role in creating an even better Bedford for future generations.

We want to create a space for training and volunteering, offering opportunities for individuals to learn presentation and media skills, and then helping them put those skills into practice to the benefit of themselves, their communities and the town as a whole.

What do we sound like

During daytime we aim for a mix of shows that contain entertainment, speech, discussion, and current affairs. Presenters will discuss issues of the day with guests, listeners, and the community at large.

Our music policy aims to have a broad appeal, for those in their 30s to late 50's, modelled on BBC Radio 2, BBC Local Radio output, and popular commercial radio stations such as Smooth, Capital, and Heart. So a great mix of music from the 70's to todays hits with the occasional older golden classic thrown in.

Evenings and weekends we look to cater to different interests.

  • Community-focused shows and content, aimed at specific groups among Bedford's broad range of cultural and ethnic communities.
  • Special interest programmes, allowing contributors to share their passions, and highlighting the vibrant nature of Bedford's cultural life.
  • Specialist music shows, that highlight genres of interest and with a following in the community, to share that passion for that music, as well as showcase local artists and the vibrant music scene of Bedford.

In addition, we aim to develop a community news team, to produce regular local news reports and bulletins keeping listeners informed about what is going on in their area.

How we work

Bedford Radio is run by directors Martin Steers and Anita Powell, supported by other directors and volunteers.

We are also in the process of forming an operations committee and sub groups to look after different areas of the operation of the station.

In the future we also intend to create a community steering group comprising of volunteers and community representatives to ensure ongoing alignment with community goals and to hold the station accountable to our local community.

We are a volunteer-based organisation, and we look to people to give their time freely to present and produce content, in a vibrant and friendly atmosphere of mutual support and common goals.

In addition to our on air shows we are always looking for opportunities to get involved in grant and funding-based community projects in Bedford, to which we can contribute training and mentoring in media, marketing, communications, and related skills.

We are looking to support and for support from businesses and organisations in and around Bedford. We are particularly interested to hear of any sponsorship or advertising proposals, which could utilise Bedford Radio to promote business, goods, services, events and opportunities in the area.

All volunteers will be encouraged to get involved in fund-raising activities, and encouraged to donate towards the running costs of the station along side donations from local individuals.

Bedford Radio is operated by the not for profit organisation, Home Counties Community Media CIC.

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Bedford Radio is a project by Home Counties Community Media CIC 10017275
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